Sizzling Sensations

Tender and Savory dishes from around Chattanooga.

By Laura Childers | Photography by Med Dement



Bald Headed Bistro – Prime Bone-In Filet

Custom-cut by the South Chicago Meat Company, the 13 oz. prime bone-in filet at Bald Headed Bistro is “the ultimate filet experience.” The meat is highly seasoned and then given a nice char on an 1800 BTU broiler, searing in the flavorful juices on the inside. The bone offers a unique flavor not found in regular filets. (Pictured Above)


The Boathouse – Whole Grilled Trout

In this fresh fish dish from the Boathouse, a whole trout from a local trout farm is basted with olive oil and grilled over a hot wood fire, making the skin crispy without over-cooking. The entrée is accompanied by lemon and roasted garlic in olive oil. It is served with two sides: island slaw (fresh cut cabbage with a vinegar-based dressing) and the popular grilled okra side item.


The Blue Plate – Grilled Portobello

A great no-meat option, this burger from The Blue Plate sandwiches a house-marinated grilled portobello, roasted red peppers, buttermilk cheddar from Sweetwater Valley, spinach, and house mayo between a fresh bun from Niedlov’s. The entrée is served with famous Blue Plate chips. Try them with Maytag blue cheese and drizzled with house cheese sauce.


The Terminal Brewhouse – Pepper Smashed Steak

A most-talked-about menu item, this chargrilled steak is smothered in roasted garlic, peppercorn, and Maibock infused reduction (with Maibock brewed in house), giving the meat a rich, peppery taste. The entrée is served with two seasonal or regular sides. Pictured here are the heirloom tomatoes (seasonal) tossed with garlic and balsamic, and the Jersey creamed corn, rich and creamy and slightly sweet.


Urban Stack – Grilled Chicken Wings

The grilled jumbo chicken wings from Urban Stack are prepared in a lengthy three-step process: 1) brined until tender and juicy, 2) seasoned in Urban Stack dry rub seasoning, and 3) cooked on the open flame and tossed with one of two homemade sauces—the “Smokin’ US” hot sauce or the “Bourbon Street BBQ” sauce. These one-of-a-kind gourmet wings are served with house-made spicy vegetable pickles.


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