2017 State Champions — Individuals

During the 2016-2017 school year, 32 students from across the Chattanooga area were crowned “State Champion” in 39 individual events. Congratulations to these dedicated individuals in their pursuit of athletic excellence!

Drew Hawkins, Baylor

Austin Mathews, Bradley Central

Makayla Packer, Baylor

Trey Freeman, Baylor

JuToreyia Willis, Baylor

Joseph Norwood, Brainerd

Rachel Smith, Baylor

Khamari Whimper, Baylor

Connor Duffy, Baylor

Alonzo Heyward, Chattanooga Central

TJ Hicks, Bradley Central

Zane Williams, Boyd Buchanan

Knox Fuller, Bradley Central

Colton Landers, Cleveland

Cederick Harris, Hixson

Jonah Bird, Red Bank

Truman Ross, Hixson

Benjedi Casseus, Cleveland

Alex Whitworth, McCallie

Ryan Crump & Charlie Thel, McCallie

Lennex Walker, CSAS

River Henry, McCallie

Charles Thurman, Heritage

Jeffery Logan Skeen, Ringgold

Brevin Sims, CSAS

Judah Duhm, McCallie

Hakim McMorris, McCallie

Brock Herring, McCallie

Cade Holloway, Notre Dame

Camryn Bowman, Signal Mountain

Ethan Dendy, McCallie

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