2019 State Champions – Individuals

During the 2018-2019 school year, 39 local students were crowned “State Champion.” Congratulations to these talented individuals in their pursuit of athletic excellence!


state championship athletes in the chattanooga area chart




Jackson Bond, Baylor state champion

Jackson Bond, Baylor

Antwonike Jennings, Tyner state champion

Antwonike Jennings, Tyner

Trae McDaniel, Cleveland state champion

Trae McDaniel, Cleveland

Brevin Sims, CSAS state champion

Brevin Sims, CSAS

Wiley Heming, Gordon Lee state champion

Wiley Heming, Gordon Lee

Jake Lee, Gordon Lee state champion

Jake Lee, Gordon Lee

Noah Horst, Baylor state champion

Noah Horst, Baylor

Jackson Bradford, Cleveland state champion

Jackson Bradford, Cleveland

Grant Lundy, Cleveland state champion

Grant Lundy, Cleveland

Thomas Sell, McCallie state champion

Thomas Sell, McCallie

David Harper, Baylor state champion

David Harper, Baylor

Emory Taylor, McCallie state champion

Emory Taylor, McCallie

Garrison Dendy, Baylor state champion

Garrison Dendy, Baylor

Gracie O’Neal, Gordon Lee state champion

Gracie O’Neal, Gordon Lee

Trevor Lewis, Hixson state champion

Trevor Lewis, Hixson

Jasper Wilson, Gordon Lee state champion

Jasper Wilson, Gordon Lee

Eric Parker, Cleveland state champion

Eric Parker, Cleveland

Alayah Dozier, CSAS state champion

Alayah Dozier, CSAS

Jack Kirby, Baylor state champion

Jack Kirby, Baylor

Samuel Ligon, McCallie state champion

Samuel Ligon, McCallie






state championship athletes in the chattanooga area chart




Makayla Packer, Baylor state champion

Makayla Packer, Baylor

Daniel Uhorchuk, Signal Mountain state champion

Daniel Uhorchuk, Signal Mountain

Jack Holcombe, Baylor state champion

Jack Holcombe, Baylor

Addison Sturdivant, Gordon Lee state champion

Addison Sturdivant, Gordon Lee

Jack Braman, McCallie state champions

Jack Braman, McCallie

Alex Whitworth, McCallie state champion

Alex Whitworth, McCallie

Austin Sweeney, Cleveland state champion

Austin Sweeney, Cleveland

Andrew Pace, Baylor state champion

Andrew Pace, Baylor

David Dorsey, Cleveland state champion

David Dorsey, Cleveland

Kaylee Brown, Gordon Lee state champion

Kaylee Brown, Gordon Lee

Alex Borisov, Baylor state champion

Alex Borisov, Baylor

Mason Reiniche, Baylor state champion

Mason Reiniche, Baylor

Quindarius Dunnigan, McCallie state champion

Quindarius Dunnigan, McCallie

Addison Smith, Baylor state champions

Addison Smith, Baylor

Will Jackson and Jake Marcum, McCallie state champions

Will Jackson and Jake Marcum, McCallie

L-R Jack Forthman, Henry Bethel, Ross Valdez, Jonathan Shaheen, Anthony Calderon-Schuler, Oscar Chenard, and Roman Valdez, Dalton state champions

L-R Jack Forthman, Henry Bethel, Ross Valdez, Jonathan Shaheen,
Anthony Calderon-Schuler, Oscar Chenard, and Roman Valdez, Dalton



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