Stay Sharp


176-layer Damascus blade with oosick handle, guard and cap are wrought iron from a steam train


A small bowie, with 1084 high carbon steel blade and a stabilized curly maple handle, with carbon fiber G10 liners and vine pattern filework on the spine


56-layer Damascus blade with stabilized mammoth tusk and brass bolster


A Western-style boot dagger, with O1 tool
steel blade and a curly Tasmanian blackwood handle, with poured pewter fittings


A large recurve fighter, with 1084 high carbon steel blade and a triple stabilized burled redheart handle, with brass liners and wavy filework


156-layer Damascus blade with stabilized mammoth tooth handle and brass bolster

1, 3, and 6 Forged by Michael Brown, Available at Frost Cutlery

2, 4, and 5 Forged by Gus Corry, Available on, shop name TennesseeForged

Photo by Emily Long

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