The Best in Holiday Attire 2021

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The Best in Holiday Attire from Local Retailers

Photography by Emily Pérez Long

Holiday fashion from The Blue Collection

Photo by Rich Smith


The Blue Collection

Alice Blue, Hanover Blue, and Electric Blue

1100 Hixson Pike


Left: Lilee Rose

Chattanooga, TN

Dress: Shoshanna 

Boots: Lucchese

Earrings: Mignonne Gavigan

Clutch: Bene Handbags


Right: Baker Young

Riverview, TN

Dress: Shoshanna

Boots: Lucchese

Earrings: Mignonne Gavigan

Clutch: Bene Handbags

“This season we are seeing colorful prints and metallic hints on feminine dresses and blouses. The fabrics are all festive and will be worn with heels, boots, and even blinged-out sneakers. This winter collection is a win for all the ladies who lunch, love, and celebrate life every day!” – Anita Headrick, Owner

holiday fashion from Bruce Baird & Co.


Bruce Baird & Co.

735 Broad Street, Suite 102


Left: Andrew Guffee

Chattanooga, TN

Associate at Bruce Baird & Co.

Suit: Hickey Freeman

Dress Shirt: Mel Gambert 

Tie: Robert Jensen

Pocket Square: R. Hanauer 

Belt: W. Kleinberg

Shoes: Alden


Right: Jarrell Reeves

Chattanooga, TN

Sport Coat & Winter White Pant: Hickey Freeman

Dress Shirt: Gitman Bros. 

Bow Tie & Pocket Square: R. Hanauer

Belt: W. Kleinberg

Cuff Links: Baade 

Shoes: Alden

“This holiday season, we are excited to be gathering again. Wear the holiday jackets, sweaters, and fun trousers. Mix it up – the old with the new. Add a bow tie to a timeless sport coat. Now’s the time for suede shoes and winter white pants. Accessorize your colors and patterns, which never go out of style. Enjoy this holiday season with family and friends.” – Richmond Truex, Creative Director

holiday fashion from yacoubian tailors


Yacoubian Tailors

629 Broad Street


Left: Diane Wolford

Chattanooga, TN

Coat, Shirt, & Pants: Tyler Böe

Jewelry: Mackenzie Harper Jewelry


Right: Ani Yacoubian Riggs

East Brainerd, TN

Buyer at Yacoubian Tailors

Shirt: Velvet

Pants: Joe’s

Jewelry: Mackenzie Harper Jewelry

“The holidays can be stressful, but don’t stress about what to wear! Wear clothing that makes you feel confident. You’ll feel comfortable and put a better foot forward.” – Ani Yacoubian Riggs, Buyer


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