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By Christina Davenport / Photography by Trevor Long

bird's eye view of the craig's home

The search for a favorable school district is what ultimately led Renee and Glen Craig to their storybook home atop Lookout Mountain. Nestled within a thicket of woods, this property has been home to the Craigs for nearly three decades. But the charming and comfortable spaces that comprise the house have been a labor of love. Originally built in 1949, the home has seen several renovations, each getting one step closer to Glen and Renee’s ultimate vision.

“Renee actually viewed the house while I was out of town on a business trip. She just kept saying how good the bones were,” says Glen. “When we bought the house, we knew it was going to be a big project, but we decided we were okay with that.”

On the exterior of the home, plenty of natural stone meanders through a lush yard and gives the home a real sense of place. White window casings punctuate white lap siding and offer up simplicity while retaining beauty.

“One of the main challenges for me has been that I love things that are new and shiny, but this is an old house,” says Renee. “It’s always had a very cozy feel, and I didn’t want to lose that.”

contemporary kitchen with black cabinetry, white countertops, and white walls

black kitchen cabinetry, wooden floor, and bright walls

After guests enter the Craig home, a threshold immediately to the left of the foyer opens into a luxurious kitchen. Honey bronze hardware pops against the matte black cabinetry, while quartz countertops and high-gloss white subway tile keep the room airy and light. More traditional inset cabinetry is paired with paneled appliances and glass-front doors in an effort to showcase select elements while allowing others to fade into the background.

The real Crown Jewel of the kitchen however is what Renee lovingly refers to as her ‘Covid kitchen’. “Covid was really rough for me. I was working 70-hour weeks, and I took up baking to show my staff how much I loved them and appreciated everything they were doing,” elaborates Renee.

Renee began baking weekly treats for her colleagues, so when it came time for a kitchen renovation, a dedicated baking space was in order. Now, this wing of the kitchen is outfitted with plenty of storage, a wall oven, and even has a countertop recession that was designed to make decorating a piece of cake.

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living room with windows wrapped around and modern furniture

Not far away from Renee’s favorite spot is Glen’s preferred place to spend time. Referred to as the garden room, this area is wrapped with windows and sees its fair share of natural light. Brick floors and a suite of neutral furniture work to maintain the coziness that Renee has strived so hard to keep.

“At night the lights come on and the pool is lit, and everything is just pretty,” says Glen. “I like the view from the garden room. Outdoor living is kind of my thing, so I like to be outside or as close to outside as I can get.”

Rounding out the room is a fireplace with a granite surround, which is built into a custom, cream-colored entertainment stand. Pictures, botanicals, and other personal effects dot the room and subtly weave in a bit of the Craigs’ personality.

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tufted sleigh bed with wooden nightstands on each side, red oak floor and walnut ceiling

Beyond the garden room, visitors will find an earthy and tranquil master suite, which was added onto the home during one of the numerous renovations.

“My big thing with all of these renovations we did was that I wanted to be very thoughtful and intentional with the design,” elaborates Glen. “There was a lot of preplanning that went into it to ensure the house didn’t feel choppy.”

In the bedroom, a tufted sleigh bed is capped on either end by wooden nightstands. This wood is paired with red oak floors and a walnut ceiling for a harmonious meshing of natural materials. Interwoven throughout are metal elements – such as the pendant light, fans, and cross beams – which work to add character.

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bright bathroom with white soaking tub, glass pane shower in the right and black tile floor

natural wooden bathroom cabinetry

A large threshold leads to a spacious ensuite where light is once again king. Natural wooden cabinetry runs from one wall to the other and is topped with more quartz countertops and a pair of vessel sinks. Sleek black hardware provides continuity with the mirrors and sconces and carries the color throughout the room.

Along an adjacent wall, a footless soaking tub is situated right under a window which is outfitted with sheer curtains for added privacy. Nearby, a glass-enclosed shower is a slice of paradise in its own right. Large subway tiles give way to a smaller format in the niche, and several rainheads make for a luxurious bathing experience.

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backyard pool oasis

back courtyard with lots of plants

The well-appointed selections don’t stop there, however. Easily accessible from the kitchen and the garden room is a true outdoor oasis. Seating vignettes are carefully tucked into various corners, and a pool complete with a sun shelf provides both the Craigs and their guests with an indulgent escape. A fully equipped outdoor kitchen makes entertaining a breeze, and visitors can also delight in the relaxing sounds of a koi pond running through the hardscape.

“This house is meant for family and friends, and we have a lot of people who just drop in,” says Renee. “That’s the beauty of living here. We call it the Ohana Club. Here, it’s more about the people and the enjoyment of family than any of the items that are in the house.”

the craigs

Renee and Glen Craig

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