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Mountaintop Ranch Revelry 


When Bonny and Alan Shuptrine began house hunting in 2017, they weren’t sure what they were going to find. After seeing a home for sale that was situated at the end of an alluring driveway, the couple arranged a tour on Fourth of July weekend. 


By Christina Cannon / Photography by Creative Revolver


“The house needed a lot of work,” says Bonny. “It had low ceilings throughout the whole house, there was pink carpet everywhere, and the back porch was just this tiny, rickety thing.”

With a thick layer of fog cloaking the mountain on the day of their visit, Bonny and Alan weren’t sold on the home, but just before they were about to leave, a break in the fog came and revealed a captivating view that suddenly made the home one they couldn’t refuse.

After months and months of renovation, the Shuptrines have turned this relic of a ranch home into a rustic retreat that has become a haven for good times with family and friends.

After stepping past the home’s brick exterior, guests immediately find themselves in the heart of the Shuptrine household. A set of beautiful sliding barn doors just feet from the entryway grants access to the kitchen and provides a sightline straight through the home. 

“Our top priority when we were redesigning and renovating the home was to really show off the view. We wanted it to be the first thing you saw when you stepped into the house, and the original home didn’t do it justice at all,” says Bonny. 

Elegant cream-colored cabinetry runs throughout the space and is broken up by a suite of stainless-steel appliances. A large apron-front sink keeps dirty dishes out of sight and out of mind, and two nearby refrigerator drawers are perfect for the Shuptrines’ love of entertaining.

“We had these at one of our previous homes, and they are great for storing extra drinks and condiments and things like that,” adds Bonny. The added refrigeration space is also in a convenient location for guests and proves to be especially useful when the duo is hosting a football party or one of their regular game nights. 

Rounding the corner of the kitchen, four comfortable leather bar stools can be found tucked under the overhang of the countertop and are the prime placement for those wanting to be part of conversation in both the kitchen and the living room. 

In the living room, a leather sofa and armchair with a matching ottoman provide continuity with the barstools and work with an array of golds and deep wood grains to give the room a warm, rustic feel. 

In the corner rests a beautiful antique China cabinet that the Shuptrines carefully separated and turned into a bar that fits the space, and the adjacent fireplace features another one of the couple’s antique finds.

“We found these elaborate pieces and always knew we wanted to incorporate them in a fireplace somehow,” says Bonny of the brackets just below the mantel.

Sliding glass doors provide visitors access to a screened-in outdoor living area that is perfect for cooler weather. A combination of propane and infrared heaters can easily keep the space warm, and natural cedar tongue-and-groove planks travel across the ceiling and down one side of the room. A set of cream-colored patio furniture is situated in front of a large flat-screen TV, and a nearby picnic table provides space to eat a meal in a cozy atmosphere. 

Traveling back through the kitchen, guests walk through an office area before arriving at the master bathroom. A sunken jetted tub to the right is situated in front of a large window that provides unobstructed views of the mountains off in the distance. 

The other side of the threshold features two vanities topped with black onyx granite countertops that are separated by a walk-in shower that is embellished with river rocks. The tile that runs along the floors and select walls is also influenced by nature and ties into the home’s serene setting.


walk in shower in master bathroom with light tile and mosaic accents


“After we purchased the home and were about to start renovating, I went and found two rocks that I used as inspiration for this room and much of the rest of the home,” explains Bonny. “I loved the textures, patterns, and colors in them and tried to pull that out while designing.”

In the neighboring bedroom, however, it’s another piece altogether that served as inspiration for the couple while renovating. Bonny’s father would take frequent trips to Japan, and after visiting the country herself, Bonny also fell in love.

“I’ve collected kimonos for a while, and when we moved, I didn’t have space for all of them. I had to pick just a few to keep,” says Bonny. “One of my favorites is a wedding kimono from a market over in Japan, and it’s a really special piece.”

The entire room takes the gold found in the botanicals pictured on the kimono and repeats them for maximum impact. Another important piece is a mahogany armoire that Bonny purchased from an auction when she was in her early 20s and had just moved to the Scenic City. 

The piece has such an important place in Bonny’s heart that when she was forced to choose between banishing it to the basement, covering an existing fireplace, or eliminating windows, it was the fireplace that got the boot. 

Regardless of whether you’re talking about furniture, color, artwork, or décor, the Shuptrines have curated a home where nearly every element serves a functional purpose while maintaining a sentimental flair. 

“We like the modern aesthetic, and we like some more traditional antique things as well,” says Bonny. “We have such varying interests and like so many different things, and we wanted our home to reflect that. Almost everything in this house is tied to a memory, reminds us of a sweet time from our past, or simply brings us joy.” CS

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