The Statement Wall

As the holidays approach and we ready our homes for more guests, there are multiple ways to transform the look of a room without undertaking the work of a complete remodel. One of the tricks I often use with rooms that have no strong architectural feature or view is to create a statement wall.

A clarification… For me, a statement wall is one that differs from the other walls in the room by having a strong design element that you add. This technique can give a plain, boring space extra pizzazz. The key is to keep the other three walls simple and uniform in order to let your statement wall really stand out.


{ Great Ways to Make a Statement }
You don’t have to go overboard. All you really need is one outstanding element on your statement wall. Here are five ideas.

Paint.  The simplest method of achieving that statement wall is through paint. Keep your other three walls in a quiet neutral and then blast out the fourth wall with a trendy, fun color or something dark and elegant. Remember, there is no wrong color! This technique works great behind an upholstered headboard, in a small foyer, or in a dining room with a wonderful sideboard or server in front.

Shelving. Whether floating or built-in, shelving on a wall can add visual interest as well as practicality. But again, it really only becomes a statement when you decide to go all the way and let your shelves – and their contents – go from ceiling to floor. Think outside the box: the shelves themselves don’t have to be painted white or wood stained. Consider using a dramatic color for the shelves themselves or the wall behind them.

Fabric. The impact of fabric on an entire wall can be very dramatic. You can use a print or large geometric fabric, but many times the subtle approach of a single colored, textured material with an interesting weave can achieve incredible results. The key is to use the fabric across the entire wall to make it stand out from the opposing walls. I often like to use cornice boards or lambrequins for this purpose.

Wallpaper. Using a bold graphic or textured wallpaper will add drama to your space. Think about adding it to the area behind your bed or a wall that already features a bold piece of furniture. Wallpaper is also a great way to add color to your space without going overboard.

Tile. Adding tile to any wall can really bring a sense of warmth and texture. The key is to be bold and use it on the entire wall. I love to tile an entire fireplace wall. Tiling an entire wall in a small bath not only adds drama and expands the space, but provides easy cleanability.


Haskell Matheny, ASID, CAPS is the owner and principal designer of Haskell Interiors, located in historic downtown Cleveland, Tenn. Visit online at 



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