Toast of the Town

By Katie Faulkner

In a season full of matrimonial merriment, you may find yourself in need of a bubbly beverage, or a nice substitute if bubbles aren’t your bag. These four selections showcase the excellence of effervescence and top-rate rosés – four delicious drinks to whet your whistle while you celebrate the season.

Connected by a common varietal,
all four of these wines are largely comprised of pinot noir grapes. Known for their approachable nature, light tannins, and earthy sweet aroma, pinot noir is the highly drinkable crowd-pleaser of dry reds. When used in combination with other varieties to create blends and/or fermented with only a portion of the grape skins, the result is a rosé, with its characteristically pink color and sweeter flavor profile.

All four wines are exceptional choices this time of year as the season turns and the weather dances between brisk and balmy. Enjoy them on a sunny veranda, at brunch, or toasting special events. Their friendly flavor profile makes them ideal for wine sampling novices and experienced enthusiasts alike.

Coppola Sofia Blanc de Blancs wine in chattanooga

Coppola Sofia Blanc de Blancs

Comprised of 70% pinot blanc grapes (which are a genetic offspring of pinot noir), this sparkling wine comes wrapped in pink cellophane, but don’t let that fool you. It is a sparkling white made from entirely white grape varietals, which retain all of their fruity and earthy flare in a crisp, bubbly clarity. Flavors of pear and apple are sprinkled with honeysuckle and citrus notes, all lending to a very popular popper.

Toad Hollow Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir wine in chattanooga

Toad Hollow Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir

A dry rosé composed of 100% pinot noir. Beautifully blush in color, the flavor profile boasts watermelon on the nose. Delicate honeysuckle blossoms and light rose petal aromas create a fresh introduction to flavors of white peach, wild strawberry, and raspberry. This wine is made from the pressed juice of pinot noir grapes, meaning the only influence from the skins is the wine’s light pink hue. It finishes with a crisp acidity.

Chloe Central Coast Rosé wine in chattanooga

Chloe Central Coast Rosé

Another dry rosé, Chloe’s version is made from night-harvested grapes and fermented at cooler temperatures to keep flavors crisp and light. Subtle notes of raspberries, strawberries, and a hint of watermelon accentuate the wine’s fresh acidity. An expressively rich mouthfeel creates a substantial experience followed by a refreshing finish.

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut Champagne wine in chattanooga

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut Champagne

This more traditional style Champagne is composed of roughly half pinot noir grapes and around 30% chardonnay grapes. Golden in color with tiny bubbles, this is certainly a wine to celebrate with. It boasts toasty, vanilla flavors on the nose, with a medley of fruit in the background. A hint of citrus lends freshness, while a strong body and silky mouthfeel make this a highly drinkable Champagne, made to be paired with numerous foods or enjoyed on its own.

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