Traditional Cottage Elegance

The Jones Home


Located in the heart of historic downtown Cleveland sits Will and Katie Jones’ quaint cottage. Directly across the street from the house in which Will’s father was raised, this home offers the exact type of living the Jones family was searching for. When Will came across the listing in the winter of 2012, he knew that he had found something special, and following a six-month renovation, the Jones family had turned their house into a home.


By Christina Cannon | Photography by Philip Slowiak

“When we first began looking for a house, I knew I wanted something in the downtown area. I was born and raised in Cleveland, and the area has really been revitalized,” says Will. “I wanted to be able to walk to different shops and restaurants.”

Pulling up to the Jones’ home, visitors are immediately greeted with a sense of comfort and timelessness. A lush front lawn gives way to the dwelling’s exterior, complete with traditional trimmings. Green shutters outline four large windows on the main floor, while two second-story windows offer those inside a peek at the outside world.

Lantern sconces invite visitors up the home’s
shallow brick entryway steps, which boast a row
of hedges to either side. Once inside the home, guests find themselves in the midst of the Jones’ living space.

A leather sofa, along with two armchairs offer plenty of seating options, and a tufted leather ottoman adds character and a bit of old-world charm to the space. A fireplace adds a touch of warmth to the room, which also houses a grand piano that has been in Will’s family since his childhood.

“I really enjoy being in this room,” says Will. “Sometimes I’ll just come in here and play the piano for an hour or so to relax.”

Will and Katie Jones

Will and Katie Jones

A wide doorway takes visitors further into the home to the Jones’ formal dining room. Here, another family heirloom takes center stage: a mahogany table that has been in Will’s family for as long as he can remember. Six Chippendale-style dining chairs surround the oval table, while two built-ins in the back corners of the room contain fine china and glassware.

Stepping into the kitchen, it’s clear that this is another space loved by the Joneses. Cream-colored perimeter cabinets are broken up by several glass-front cabinets, and a Carrera marble backsplash provides a crisp and clean look while adding texture.

“This is another room I spend a lot of time in because I enjoy cooking,” says Will. “One of my favorite features in our kitchen is our range. I’m really big on buying local, and that appliance was manufactured right here in Cleveland.”


“One of my favorite features in our kitchen is our range. I’m really big on buying local, and that appliance was manufactured right here in Cleveland.”– Will Jones

Behind the range, the kitchen’s backsplash is broken up by accent tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern. Surrounded with a raised perimeter, the accent tiles use the same Carrera marble that is seen throughout the rest of the kitchen, providing even more texture while maintaining consistency.

Oakwood flooring dishes out a touch of warmth and ties in the traditional ambiance from the rest of the house.

Tucked away from the main living areas is the Jones’ master bedroom. This room maintains the home’s neutral color palette and boasts an array of creams, beiges, and browns. A subtle quatrefoil pattern runs through the carpet and toward the en suite.

Once inside the master bathroom, faux marble tile covers the floor and makes its way into the shower.

“The only thing I was pretty adamant about in this room was the shower,” explains Will. “I’ve been using a steam shower for several years now, and I knew that I wanted to incorporate one into the design of our en suite.”

A large wood-framed mirror sits above a vanity and is capped on either side with warm light coming from two shaded sconces.

“A big reason we bought this home was because I wanted to be near downtown Cleveland. There are always a lot of people out and about, and I like to come out here sometimes and just people watch.” -Will Jones


Right outside of the master suite in the hallway, visitors can find a stairway that leads to the second floor of the home, which houses another of Will’s favorite spots.

“This was originally designed to be an additional bedroom, but we didn’t need another bedroom. So, we decided to turn this space into a ‘man cave’ of sorts,” remarks Will. “I just like to come up here sometimes to relax and get away.”

A large leather sectional sits in one corner of the room and offers the perfect vantage spot for playing games or watching movies on the family’s 100-inch projector screen.

Back on the main floor is access to the Jones’ screened-in porch. Especially popular in warmer months, this space fosters conversation. A set of wicker furniture accommodates seven, and light green cushions provide a pop of color.

“A big reason we bought this home was because I wanted to be near downtown Cleveland,” says Will. “There are always a lot of people out and about, and I like to come out here sometimes and just people watch.”

With a prime location, the Jones’ Cleveland cottage is an unparalleled place to raise a family. This traditional home is filled with family relics and provides an elegance that has maintained through generations. CS

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