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Photography by Emily Long
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Joe Jumper The Clay Pot Riverview table decor orange paintbrush butterfly Chattanooga


Painting a Masterpiece

This table is inspired by a custom, colorful piece of children’s artwork that incorporates orange, turquoise, and amber.

Get the Look: Gather quirky items from your home; mix and match to create a bohemian look.
Joe combined clear bottles with flower stems of ranunculus, tulips, ferns, and pincushions in the same color family. Playing off the original painting, he placed well-used paint brushes around for display. To add height to the table, he striped a tree branch by wrapping it in colored yarn, then placed it in an oversized apothecary jar.

Other items added to the table are spools of kite string, cake plates with clementines, book pages,
and block letters for place settings. The table cloth is a batik pattern with orange and white detail.

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Joe Jumper The Clay Pot Riverview table decor vintage green goblets plaid napkins boxwood sprig Chattanooga

Joe Jumper The Clay Pot Riverview table decor vintage green goblets plaid napkins boxwood sprig green apple Chattanooga

Joe Jumper The Clay Pot Riverview table decor snowball viburnum blue thistle white roses Chattanooga


Garden Party

Very Southern and traditional with a garden spin – this table plays off classic greens, whites, and blues.

Get the Look: Here, Joe used Vietri handmade pottery for the main centerpiece, planted with whites, greens, assorted ferns, and bedded plants. Four smaller pots contain cut flowers including: snowball viburnum, blue thistle, and white roses.

Vintage green goblets and playful plaid napkins continue green accents, while blue and white pin dot linen sets a soft blue backdrop. Each setting gets a sprig of boxwood for an easy extra detail.

Linens provided by BBJ Linens

Table and chairs provided by Luma Designs

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