Unmatched Upholstery

Christine J Stephens Dimension Designs Inc Total Concepts Furniture Chattanooga

Christine J. Stephens, Dimension Designs, Inc., Total Concepts Furniture

Careful Curation

Fabrics with a soft, comfortable, and cozy feeling are my favorite. Geometrics or a very natural looking print on linen make beautiful accent pieces or pillows. Pattern, color, and texture aside, different types of fabrics are best in certain areas. Rooms that receive a lot of natural sunlight work best with a fade-resistant material such as Sunbrella, Crypton, or other UV-protected fabrics. Fabrics with a polyester content are easy to clean, durable, and retain color well. These high performance fabrics are great for family rooms with children and pets. The number of choices available make selecting fabric a bit more challenging than it used to be, but the end effect is worth the extra effort.

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Dolores Wolfe IDS Wolfe Studio Interiors Chattanooga

Dolores Wolfe, IDS, Wolfe Studio Interiors

Daring and Durable

I love using heavier linens with textures and patterns; the blends work as well as the 100% linen ones. They are beautiful for any application, but especially for drapes and upholstery. They are durable and wear well in family settings, so they’re great for family rooms. For sunrooms and patios, I really like the Sunbrella styles. They have bright colors and every print you can think of. And they are fade resistant and easy to clean – just perfect for patios!

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Virginia Warren Maxwell House Interiors Chattanooga

Virginia Warren, Maxwell House Interiors

Simple and Clean

For draperies, I personally love a large-scale linen floral to add texture, color, pattern, and depth to a room. However, that look isn’t for everyone. Many of my clients gravitate toward an embroidered or embellished linen or cotton for a simpler, cleaner look, while putting color and depth on the walls with paint or wallpaper. For upholstery, patterns and textures are always helpful, even if it’s a tone on tone pattern. Crypton fabrics are incredibly durable and stain resistant, and available in many colors and patterns. Leather upholstery is always a classic, and it’s easy to care for, as well. I like to encourage clients to keep it simple when it comes to upholstery. This allows them to change pillows, throws, and accessories seasonally, or when the mood strikes them.

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Jill Rodgers High Country Designs Chattanooga

Jill Rodgers, High Country Designs

Ikat Frenzy

Some women obsess over diamonds, shoes, or cosmetics. Not me. I love textiles! Receiving new fabric samples in the mail is like Christmas to me. Which ones are my favorites? It depends on the application. When working with ladies who have young children, I like to use ikat-patterned textiles. The pattern on the fabric is usually “blurry” and very colorful. These textiles can be woven into a young family’s home to help create a timeless and classic look. And, due to the busyness of the pattern, it hides peanut butter and jelly stains too!

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Marsha Yessick ASID NCIDQ Yessicks Design Center Chattanooga

Marsha Yessick, ASID, NCIDQ, Yessick’s Design Center

Sleek and Contemporary

I reupholster furniture often, because if a client already likes the furniture, how it fits, and its level of comfort – reupholstering just makes sense. Sunbrella is a very popular brand right now. It’s an acrylic fiber that’s softer and more pliable now than when it was first invented. It doesn’t fade, and it’s very durable and easily cleaned. Designers are definitely incorporating print again too. Before solids were king, but now we’re going back to patterns – but not traditional floral or tapestry prints. Patterns are sleeker and more contemporary now – anything from a check and plaid to stripes and flame stitch. For window treatments, we’re using patterns in draperies instead of just solids, and then we blend the pattern in with sofas, chairs, and bedding. And don’t forget animal print, which adds chicness to any room. It never goes out of style.

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Jimmy Adams Nells Home Gifts and Interior Design Chattanooga

Jimmy Adams, Nell’s Home, Gifts, & Interior Design

Chic Practicality

The further development of Crypton fabrics has really been a game changer for interior design. What was originally a stiff and brittle nylon has been reinvented into a plush, fade- and stain-resistant fabric. Fabrics are soft to the touch and are available in many different styles and colors, from bold to simply elegant. Being practical has never been so chic! 

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Kimberly Varner ASID NCIDQ Kimberly Varner Interior Design Chattanooga

Kimberly Varner, ASID, NCIDQ, Kimberly Varner Interior Design

Comfort and Joy

Your home should be a refuge that celebrates who you are and welcomes the people you love. Utilizing beautiful performance-upholstery fabrics is an excellent method for accomplishing this goal. These fabrics are soft, durable, stain resistant, and easily cleaned (even with products containing bleach), allowing you to enjoy your home without the endless worry of the inevitable messes that accompany everyday life. Incorporating these fabrics in rich solids, diverse textures, and assorted mix-and-match patterns will help make your home a place of beauty, celebration, and relaxed comfort.

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Carol C Youd Lead Interior Designer Furniture of Dalton Chattanooga

Carol C. Youd, Lead Interior Designer, Furniture of Dalton

Patterns and Prints

I see design choices evolving and expanding. Previously, we used a variety of plain fabrics with a patterned toss pillow or two. Today, we are using texture and pattern to express our personal taste. I don’t think there is a better fabric than a good cotton, so I love to use a cotton print in various parts of the design. Good cotton will last for years – think of that favorite cotton dress that lasted for several seasons. Combining prints with flowing patterns, geometric design, and stripes creates a personal and individual statement that belongs only to you.

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Tiffany Anich Mansito Allied ASID Southerly Abode Chattanooga

Tiffany Anich Mansito, Allied ASID, Southerly Abode

Beautiful Performance

High performance fabrics have become our go-to because they bring low-maintenance style to any setting. Many of our clients have a plethora of children, grandchildren, and pets. There are so many gorgeous, yummy “outdoor” fabric options now available that you no longer have to choose between that ivory sofa and your sweet chocolate Labrador. We are using high performance fabrics for upholstery, bedding, and drapery that look and feel like linen, mohair, and even velvets. These fabrics won’t fade, and they clean beautifully. 

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Christy McDonald Smart Furniture Chattanooga

Christy McDonald, Smart Furniture

Leather Love

Maybe it’s from my days as an ‘80s child, but I love a good leather – from my favorite jacket to the cool feeling you get lounging on the sofa in the summertime. Sustainable living has given us so many alternatives to real leather. Gracious faux leathers are available in a range of colors, textures, and patterns. I think it’s the most versatile textile to work with in any style of design. With new processes, you might find it in a rug, bordering a window treatment, or simply on an amazing chair. Whether you appreciate the full grain with all its wonderfully luxurious imperfections, the smooth touch of top grain (think your favorite handbag), or the viable bonded leather made of leftover “scraps” molded into something brand new, leather can be everyone’s favorite textile.

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