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As the owner of Zen Nail Spa, Tracy Duong shares her passion for creativity, uplifting others, and entrepreneurship every day. Having been in business for seven years, she hopes to encourage other women through her work. “I was first interested in starting a business to show people like me that you can achieve your dreams,” Duong shares. “I am passionate about my business because it not only allows me to be creative and do what I love, but it also allows me to be an example for others as a female, first-generation entrepreneur.”


Zen Nail Spa specializes in all things luxury nail care and facial waxing. The business offers a variety of indulgent nail and waxing services, including nail enhancements such as dip and acrylic nails as well as full-face waxing treatments. From stunning French manicures to vitamin-enhanced SNS dip powder options, brides who choose Zen can expect highest-quality services that reflect the latest nail trends and techniques.

Offering both walk-in and scheduled appointments, Zen Nail Spa can accommodate bridal parties or individual appointments seven days a week. The business is conveniently located at Hamilton Place Boulevard, and in addition to the ultra-comfortable, luxury atmosphere, clients over 21 years of age can enjoy specialty drinks crafted by an in-house bartender.

For Tracy Duong, the Zen Nail Spa experience is all about creating results that go beyond expectations. Her passion for client satisfaction sets her business apart, and the entire Zen Nail Spa team is dedicated to upholding a standard of excellence. “We always tell our clients to treat their nails like fine jewelry,” Duong says. “Regular maintenance and upkeep is the best way to keep your nails happy and healthy, and we pride ourselves in our customer service and the quality of service we provide!”

tracy duong

Tracy Duong

Zen Nail Spa



Tracy’s Top Wedding Day Tips

1. Remember to slow down and take care of yourself.

2. Spend the day doing things that make YOU happy.

3. Savor each special moment with your loved ones on the big day!

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