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By Catherine Smith

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“Knowing so many individuals personally and giving them a space to be themselves – that feels like my life’s purpose.”

Infinity Flux is a treasure trove of new and vintage comic books, games, graphic novels, and fan merchandise, but it’s much more than that for many Chattanoogans. We spoke with one of the owners to learn more about the shop that has become a gathering place for fans of all ages.

work in the city infinity flux

Almost everyone is involved in some way with a fandom, the term given to a community of people who share an interest in anything from fictional series to professional sports teams. Fandoms allow us to connect and bond over the things we enjoy. These connections are often made online, but Infinity Flux, a comic book shop located on Hixson Pike, offers fans a place to connect in person. “We wanted to add something local and special to the city we live in and love that involves our passion for comics, games, and nerd culture,” says Meagan Frey, who co-owns the shop with her partner, Jason Mink.

Inspired by the iconic comic book stores you might find in big cities like Atlanta and Nashville, Infinity Flux was born from the desire to create a similar space in Chattanooga. After working for several large organizations in both the nonprofit and public sector, Frey was ready to dive headfirst into this new venture. “Ultimately, I wanted to make a bigger, more direct impact with my work, so starting a business was the next step in my career path,” she says. Frey and Mink combined their business skills with their passion for fan culture to bring their vision to life. “We aim to be a happy place full of things that people love,” says Frey.

work in the city infinity flux

Infinity Flux is just that: a happy place. Walking into the shop immediately evokes a sense of nostalgia and excitement as visitors are met with walls of merchandise from popular franchises, including time-honored classics like Star Wars and Superman as well as modern chart-toppers like Pokémon and My Hero Academia. The whopping 3,400-square-foot floor space is filled to the brim with rare collectibles and new releases alike, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

According to Frey, that was always the goal. “I want our customers to have a fun, relaxed experience and always leave with a smile,” she explains. “They may find a comic book or action figure they haven’t seen since childhood, find the perfect game for a family or friend game night, or fall in love with an adorable stuffed animal. I guess I want my customers to fall in love when they’re here.”

The store’s unique offerings and welcoming atmosphere have since made it a fixture of Chattanooga’s pop culture scene. “I like to think of our shop as a sort of Blockbuster. We carry new releases in comics, games, and graphic novels every single week, so there is always something new to see,” Frey shares. “I personally am always looking for fun new products to add joy to people’s lives. I think of the different personalities that make up a family or a friend group, and I try to find items that would appeal to each of them as an individual.”

In addition to their normal offerings, rare collectibles often find their way to the shelves at Infinity Flux. Though it isn’t for sale, one rare item is particularly loved by locals – an original copy of Captain Marvel Adventures from 1944, featuring a showdown between Captain Marvel and the “Chattanooga Ghost.” The cover even features a fight scene taking place on the Sky Bridge in Rock City Gardens!

People may come for the merchandise, but they often stay for the sense of community the shop offers. “Infinity Flux is my second home, and I love the community we have built here. I have watched children grow up and families bond here,” Frey says. “Knowing so many individuals personally and giving them a space to be themselves – that feels like my life’s purpose.” From in-store events to friendly chats with employees and other patrons, the store offers a uniquely meaningful experience for fans of all ages. 

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