Working in the City: Lorenzen Farm

A Farm in Full Bloom

Nestled among acres of scenic farmland in Dayton, Tennessee, Lorenzen Farm welcomes visitors of all ages for a truly special experience. Here, we explored the picturesque pick-your-own farm and spoke with the Lorenzens to learn more about the vibrant experience they offer.

By Catherine Smith

Photography by Emily Pérez Long

For first-generation farmers Kristen and Nathan Lorenzen, a fun hobby blossomed into a new business venture. Kristen was a middle school teacher and Nathan worked in banking when they purchased the farm, hoping to enjoy the outdoors and connect with the community. Kristen left her job in 2020 to work full-time on the farm, but she never would have guessed that their business would be in full bloom just three years later.

“We began growing strawberries, learning as we went. We found many ways not to farm,” Kristen laughs. “We struggled for several years until we decided to open the strawberry fields up as a pick-your-own experience.” Visitors were invited to grab a basket and wander through the fields to gather their fill of ripe berries. This was an instant hit, and the Lorenzens knew they had something special. “The people who came to the farm would chat with us, take pictures, and bring picnics. It was the piece that was missing from our dream,” Kristen shares. “When you get to see people enjoying what you have labored for, that makes it all worthwhile.”

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As the strawberry fields were becoming a popular attraction, Kristen’s personal flower garden was also expanding. Though she enjoyed growing the flowers and making bouquets, it had become a bit too labor-intensive to continue as a hobby. She was about to start scaling back on the blooms when inspiration struck. “I saw a post from a relative who had taken her kids to a tulip field for picking,” Kristen explains. “I pitched the idea to my husband – who has always been incredibly supportive of all my crazy ideas – and though he was somewhat skeptical, we decided to give it a try.” 

In a leap of faith, the couple transformed Kristen’s personal garden into rows upon rows of beautiful flowers, enticing visitors from all around the area to pick their own bouquets or have a photoshoot among the blooms. “Growing flowers was only a side hobby; we never dreamed that it would grow so quickly and take over the farm,” she remarks. “We are still new to growing tulips, but our farm has been able to grow significantly with each season, and we hope that will continue in the future.” The farm offers different pick-your-own experiences throughout the year as growing seasons come and go, with a lineup including tulips, strawberries, sunflowers, and wildflowers.

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The moment you walk into the flower fields, the appeal of Lorenzen Farm becomes crystal clear. After selecting a unique basket at the entrance, you have free reign to explore the land and find the perfect blooms for your bouquet. From classic springtime pinks and yellows to deep, moody purples, endless combinations can be just as unique as the person who picked them. “Our fields are bursting with vibrant colors and sweet fragrances,” Kristen says. “The farm is an overall sensory experience – whether you are a nature lover, a photographer, or simply someone who appreciates beauty, it is unforgettable.” And, with plenty of cute spaces to snap photos for the family scrapbook or your social media feed as well as a gift shop full of “cottage industry” goods, memories made on the farm will last even longer than the freshly picked flowers.

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Whether you choose to tiptoe through the tulips, snap a photo with the sunflowers, or bite into some berries, the Lorenzens welcome you to enjoy a moment of serenity or strike up a conversation with a kindred spirit. “By far the best part of the farm is being able to talk to people who share my passion for flowers. Connecting with people and sharing what I love with others is what feeds my soul,” Kristen concludes.

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