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Fit For a Queen

By Gray Bennett | Photography by David and Drew Photography

With a culinary background and a passion for retail, it just made sense when Sarah Love Hart decided to open a small, European-style neighborhood market. At Queens Kitchen and Market, specialty grocery items, curated gifts, and imported brands grace the shelves. From caviar and Italian sauces to beautiful accessories and décor, each product offered is truly fit for a queen. Read on to learn more about how this specialty market continues to make its customers feel like royalty.

queens kitchen and market

Industrious and creative, Sarah Love Hart harnessed her passion for cooking to build a thriving career. After attending culinary school in North Carolina, she worked in the retail and hospitality industries, eventually owning her own catering company. Hart fell in love with the way her culinary background combined with retail, and she started to dream even bigger.

Her first retail concept Hart & Hive opened in 2021, and it was a major success. Hart and her mother began to dream of expansion, and soon, they decided to transform Hart & Hive’s commercial kitchen space into a small neighborhood market. With a dazzling concept for the new storefront, Queens Kitchen and Market officially opened its doors in early September of 2023.

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queens kitchen and market

Keeping in line with its bee-inspired theme, Queens Kitchen and Market stays buzzing and busy. “Rapid growth has been one of our biggest challenges and rewards at the same time,” says Hart. “We had no idea how quickly this concept would catch on, especially just within the neighborhood. We could hardly keep our main products stocked through the holiday season. It was wild!”

To keep everything running smoothly, Hart has a hardworking Queen Team. From thoughtfully curating the shelves to answering questions about various specialty products, the Queen Team does it all. Hart describes the team of 10 as a group of friendly and kind foodies, and together, they work hard to provide a memorable boutique shopping experience for all customers.

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queens kitchen and market

Hart’s attention to detail is clear upon entering the market. Vibrant products line the shelves, each item specially chosen. For those searching for unique, high-quality grocery items and gifts, Queens Kitchen and Market is a treasure trove. “We try really hard to find products you don’t see at the grocery stores or other stores in town,” Hart explains. “We searched, tasted, and tried many different brands to find the best in the market and lots of other beautiful specialty items.”

The market has something for everyone. Seasoned foodies, aspiring home cooks, and eager gift-buyers alike can find something special to enjoy. “Queens Kitchen is the perfect place to shop for the person in your life who has everything and is hard to buy for,” Hart says. Italian sauces and pasta, premium herbs and spices, and fine dishware and accessories are among the store’s most popular offerings.

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sarah love hart

In the future of Queens Kitchen and Market, Hart says customers can expect more brands and an ever-changing range of items. “We love hearing from the customers after they’ve cooked with our ingredients and can tell what a difference they make,” says Hart. “We love surprising people with something new to look forward to!”

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