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Champy's Famous Fried Chicken fried pickles

Fried Pickles

Champy's Famous Fried Chicken
Course Appetizer
Cuisine Southern
Servings 8 pickle spears


  • Fryer


  • 8 large dill pickle spears
  • Champy's homemade chicken breading (a secret combination of two different flours, black pepper, salt, paprika, and Champy’s Secret Seasoning)
  • 1 bowl local, farm-fresh buttermilk
  • oil of your choice, for fryer (we use vegetable)


  • Drop pickle spears in the chicken breading; allow to dry.
  • Dip spears in buttermilk, then drop back in the chicken breading to coat.
  • Drop pickles immediately from the second batter to a fryer filled with the oil of your choosing (we use vegetable). Fry at 350˚ until golden and crispy.
  • Serve fresh with a side of ranch.


“Our homemade fried pickles are spears that we double-batter and fry to crispy perfection. We like to serve them with a side of our homemade ranch for dipping.” Seth Champion, Restaurant Owner
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