5 Rules for Choosing Flowers

1 Match them with everything else. Your apparel, bouquets, and décor have a tight connection. Create a complementary color palette—and stick to it.

2 Keep the season in mind. You can save tons of money by going with what’s already in bloom. If you go seasonal, you can normally get a fair amount at a low price point.

3 Look for visual inspiration. Sometimes you don’t know what you like—or what looks good—until you see it. Peruse Pinterest and other websites and take pictures of what you like to your florist.

4 Know your budget. Before you get your heart set on that flower that requires overnight shipment from Austria, assess your checkbook and the price range of the flowers you want.

Trust the experts. Florists are really good at what they do—they really are. Why not rely on their experience?

Full PDF here.



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